Scrap furniture board crusher

Used furniture plate crusher is a kind of for the site of the old template, bamboo plate, shelves, brackets, trays, new, large wood crushing equipment, breaking the traditional process structure model
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Scrap furniture board crusher
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鈻1. Introduction
The old furniture plate crusher is a kind of broken pattern for the old stencil, bamboo sheet, shelf, bracket, tray, new type, large wood crushing equipment, breaking the traditional process structure,
The use of hammer hammer the principle, coupled with the screw conveyor, induced draft fan to complete the three processes to complete the operating process, and finally out of the finished material and the size of the matchmaker about the same, due to raw materials, are thicker screen (14MM) Sieve can only be processed at least 22 mm diameter, so the finished product is a bit large, is a rough break, when the output of 3-5 tons or so, in order to smash the sawdust, or even more fine, it would have to use multi-functional Steel grinder, using a small aperture screen, supporting the use. This equipment is widely used in waste template processing plants, bamboo sheet processing plants, wood-based panel plants, composite mills, power plant boilers and other raw materials, such as burning wood processing plant use.
鈻2. Structure composition
The structure of the used furniture wood crusher is also more complex, in front of a conveyor belt feed, the feed inlet has a feeder, which has a first crushing system, in addition to nail system, the second crushing system, ventilation and dust removal system, from the feed to The use of this process in the process of light and light are 7 small and small, are equipped with automatic nail system with the waste door frame grinder; waste furniture wood crusher This series with the nail system waste door frame grinder and not afraid of nail template crusher structure Completely different, broken effect is different; As the name suggests, not afraid of nail template crusher on behalf of not afraid of nails, in the process of broken, and can not separate the nails and materials separated, but mixed together, only re-use or in the conveyor belt The nap and the sawdust are completely separated from the nail, and the nails are nails, , Sawdust is sawdust, and there are dust removal system, fully automated, modern.

3. Features:
1) the use of thicker liner: the machine cover with thick wear-resistant liner, reinforced body;
2) safe inlet: increase the feed port, convenient and quick;
3) thickened steel plate: body thickness of more than 10MM;
4. Use and maintenance instructions
1锛 before the start of the test to strictly check the installation of the various parts of the machine to meet the requirements, whether the loose screw bolts can be hand gently pull the belt test, whether the collision shell and so on. At the same time check the direction of rotation, is strictly prohibited smashing flammable, explosive items, so as to avoid accidents.
2锛塼he production should be kept evenly to ensure the quality of crushing and normal production, while the motor is strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3锛塱n addition to regular attention to check the various parts of the fastening, but also should pay attention to check the wearing parts of the wear and tear, such as serious wear and tear should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main components. And take the necessary fire protection measures.
4锛塪ue to the higher speed, in addition to the installation of a firm and solid, while maintaining good lubrication to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees normal. Host bearing a week to add butter, molybdenum disulfide, high-speed butter better.

鈻5.Before and after crushing锛



Note: The blade size can be adjusted

Equipment model HR-A900 HR-A1000 HR-A1100 HR-A1200
Feeding width 900 1100 1300 1500
Feed size锛坢m锛 900*120 1100*150 1300*200 1500*250
monitor rate锛坘w锛 37/45 45/55 79/90 90/132
Feed roller motor锛坘w锛 4 4 5.5 7.5*2
Feeding speed锛坢/s锛 0.65 0.75 0.80 1.1
Conveying speed锛坮/min) 650 650 650 650
Crusher speed锛坮/min锛 680 680 680 680
Production capacity锛坘g/h锛 3000-8000 6000-11000 7000-20000 12000-25000
equipment weight锛坘g锛 6500 8620 13500 16500

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